The man in the mirror
does not yet know
that he is standing here
for the last time
leaning against
the time
starting a fresh page.
But will it still
be mine?

English version: Anna Robinigg 2019

Bio and interview about Peter Bosch


Born 1957 in Vienna, where he lives and works. Settled. Economic miracle child.
Works as a programmer, author, photographer and film-maker.
Has published numerous novels and story collections.
Photography exhibitions and producer at


What does literature mean to you?
Peter Bosch: Telling stories, somewhere between reality and fiction. I like the space where these two blend.

What do cafés mean to you?
PB: I am not a coffeehouse poet, I usually write at home. Cafés are where I meet for blind dates.

Why did you choose Café Steinbock?
PB: Because it is the place where I have gone on blind dates with women whose star sign was Capricorn. But Café Steinbock has just been shut down. I must not have gone on enough dates. And what is even more difficult: I do not know any other cafés in Vienna that are named after a star sign. It looks like I am going to remain single.

What do you do when you are not at a café?
PB: Filming, photographing, procrastinating.

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