Cheveux d’or

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The vagabond soul of a woman.
At this stage, her name would be forgotten, not only by her friends and others, by herself as well. Carrying a multitude of sorrows in her heart, she feels empty.
Thus to see and feel Alborz, she makes her soul fly far from her body, in an astral travel. Where can she settle again, nowhere ? Surely there must be another place !
She who did not have the opportunity to drink Hafiz and Molana’s promised wine in her own country discovered the delicious taste of intoxication in the city of love. Paris.
She wanders in the streets where lovers and poets have roamed, finds inspiration in the same Saint-Cloud parc where Renoir and Cézanne saw nature and colours as they were, bright.
Her name does not matter, she is a woman before anything else. A woman looking for nuance, strength and energy in the hair and words of others. She mixes colours and language found here and there. Finally, she chooses one colour, one word and one perfume. Love.

English version: Ava Bayat 2019

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